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Posted by Cherie Blessing | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on September 29, 2021

Slam!  Crack!  Pop!  These were the sounds I heard at the baseball games my family went to this summer.  I went to one night game and one day game.

The first game I went to was during the day in Colorado.  The Rockies played.  While we were there, I ate French fries with ketchup.  I saw a few home runs, and I got a hat and a shirt with one of the best center fielders, Charlie Blackmon’s name on it.

The other game I went to was at night in Charlotte, North Carolina.  I was there with friends and family.  We had Dippin’ Dots and French fries.  I also had one of the practice coaches give me a ball that the team used to get ready for the game.

Both of these games were awesome, and I will never forget this summer.

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