Where My Feet Went This Summer


Posted by Cherie Blessing | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on September 2, 2021

My family was driving to Charlotte, North Carolina.  We got there the day after.  

My family arrived at the house.  We all loved it there.  We ate some dinner because it was so late.  

I wish we could have stayed longer because we love it there.  I hope we get to go there again soon.  

We saw lots of bunnies and deer.  We climbed the Great Sand Dunes.  

We went to a Knights game with our family.  We all wished they would hit us a fly ball, but they didn’t.  They gave us one though.  Then we left.

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Getting a baseball at the Knights game must have been a nice surprise, Emmaus. I’m glad that your family loved the house you stayed at in Charlotte, too.

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